Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Selected as a GSoCer at OpenMRS

One of happiest and memorable movement in my life was when I received the e-mail from the Google saying Congratulations! Your proposal "Data integrity workflow module" submitted to "OpenMRS" has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013. GSoC is one of  dream in my life. Finally I have achieved it. My heartfelt thanks goes to Jeremy Keiper who is the primary mentor of my GSoC project for providing solid feedbacks to improve my proposal.  Also I would like to give my thanks to Michael Downey  who is the GSoC projects in-charge in OpenMRS and to the all the members in the OpenMRS community to the help given in succeed my proposal. I would like to say that OpenMRS community is very very helpful and very friendly. “Write Code. Save lives.” is the motto of the OpenMRS. I have inspired by the this motto and it implies contributions to OpenMRS will lead to enhance the medical conditions of millions of users of OpenMRS. I invite all visitors of my blog to consider contribute for OpenMRS. The amount of mental satisfaction gain by contributing to the OpenMRS is incomparable. Writing code is only a one way to contribute to the OpenMRS and yet there are many ways anyone can help for OpenMRS to fly above the sky. I'll put my maximum effort to success my GSoC project and it will be a remarkable experience for me. I congratulate for the each of other GSoC student in OpenMRS and wish them a good luck with their projects. GSoC will be a beginning of long journey with OpenMRS. It's a great opportunity to be a part of OpenMRS family.

Interesting days yet to come.:D. Waiting to get to know about community more. It will be fun and interesting. :D :D. Wanna try? Come and Join with OpenMRS community. Being at OpenMRS will be a great privilege, remarkable experience and also fun for anyone. Come and feel the difference. Don't be late come and join with the happy family. :)

                                                                          Let's do it.