Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to change the theme of IntelliJ Idea 12

Intellij idea has announce latest version of their IDE for java development which come with theme call 'Dracula'.Changing the theme is very simple follow simple steps as listed in below

1. Ctrl+~

2. Switch Look and Feel

3. Choose any theme(You may prefer dracula)

4. Restart



  1. On Ubuntu keyboard layout the "Enter action or option name" can be: ctrl+shift+A instead of Ctrl+~

  2. Changing theme that way may leave your projects panel white, so use this method:
    Color scheme fot the whole IDEA is set at Settings/Preferences | Appearance | Theme. I guess you configured Editor | Colors&Fonts instead.

    (found here:

  3. Thanks for the useful and concise tutorial!

    The theme's name is Darcula though, just in case anyone was confused.