Sunday, August 4, 2013

7th Week at OpenMRS

Happy Happy Happy!. Got the no reply mail saying you have successfully  passed the mid term evaluations. It's a result of weeks of hard works. I would like to thank my mentor Jeremy Keiper for guide and help me to success this project also I would like to thank my backup mentor Ada Yeung. Then I would like to thank all members in  OpenMRS developer community. We had mid term presentation during  Thursday. All the students presented their project works in front of OpenMRS team.Also we students got feedback for improve their project works. This is my first ever formal online presentation other than our first introductory session. Many thanks goes to Micheal Downy the in-charge of GSoC events of OpenMRS for organize this session. During that week I  prepared my presentation slides and created a video for project's functionality demonstration purposes. It has been a busy happy week. Please find resources for mid term presentations below.

Presentation :
Youtube video :

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