Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Fix Skype Problem


  1. If the Skype icon is displayed in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, right-click it and select Quit.
  3. Click Start, type "run" and press Enter. (On Windows XP: Click Start and then Run.)
  5. Type "%appdata%\skype" and click OK.
  7. Locate and delete the file shared.xml. The file may be displayed as shared if file extensions are not displayed by default on your computer.  
  9. If you cannot find this file:
    • Click Start, type "run" and press Enter. (On Windows XP: Click Start and then Run.)
    • Type "control folders" and click OK.
    • In the View tab, ensure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled.
    • Repeat the instructions from the beginning.

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  1. the other program, software, like mailbox, dropbox, video,ect. in addition, I reset the skype recorder as well, but nothing changed. The problem is still there.
    Skype Technical Help