Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Terminator Ubuntu Terminal

Here is my blog post after a long break.It's a kind of transition period of me to shift with Ubuntu by letting windows 7 to go.Terminator is a alternative and a competitor for Ubuntu default terminal.Ubuntu default terminal only allow you to create a multiple tab,but not allow you to split vertically or horizontally.Like in below image you can have any number of terminals.This makes your works more easy.

Install Terminator
sudo apt-get install terminator

Run terminal using

Then you can have the terminator
Terminator shortcuts

Ctrl-Shift-E: Split the view vertically.
Ctrl-Shift-O: Split the view horizontally.
Ctrl-Shift-P: Focus be active on the previous view.
Ctrl-Shift-N: Focus be active on the next view.
Ctrl-Shift-W: Close the view where the focus is on.
Ctrl-Shift-Q: Exit 
F11: will make terminator go fullscreen


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