Monday, June 24, 2013

1st Week at OpenMRS-The OpenMRS architecute

The June 17th is the beginning of the coding period of the GSoC.  Since this is my first GSoC it's bit of excited. Past couple of weeks I have followed couple of Spring and Hibernate tutorials to get familiar with Spring and Hibernate frameworks in order to develop my module. There is good Spring MVC tutorial find in [0]  and good hibernate tutorial can be find in [1]. Apart from that to get a good understanding about the OpenMRS,I have recommend you to follow tutorials available in [2] which are use in EHSDI training course.

During the first week I had a call with my primary mentor Jeremy and backup mentor Ada Yeung about the project.It was very successful and both mentors are really helpful.It's always nice to work with OpenMRS team. I think it's very helpful for any new comer to having understand about overall understanding about OpenMRS.Figure 1 shows the overally architecture of OpenMRS core. OpenMRS is a heavy data dependent application.

OpenMRS use hibernate as the data access framework.Hibernate framework is one of heavily adopted framework for implement the data access layer of many application.Hibernate provide high degree of standardization to the application.Then Spring framework use for implement the service layer. Spring
provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise application[4].

Spring MVC architecture use to implement the front end user interfaces of the OpenMRS. OpenMRS is not a just a single application,it's comes with set of modules which are use in different services.As Figure 1 shows,there are set of core modules which are implement on top of OpenMRS core services.Anyone can implement a custom module using core services of OpenMRS.For more information about module creation please refer to the [5].

Figure 1:OpenMRS core architecture

Finally for anyone interested in my project,please find my project page in [3].More updates and UI mock ups and diagrams there in the project page.Next week I'm planning to study about the module setup.I will provide details about setting up a OpenMRS module next week.


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