Saturday, July 13, 2013

4th Week at OpenMRS

It has been closed to a month since GSoC coding period started. This week I mostly engage in finalizing the data tables required to the module.During this week I have able to setup the database for my module. I have faced some problems during the initialization of the database.But with the good documentations available in the OpenMRS wiki and the community support it won't be a much problem to me to figure out and fix the issues.Meanwhile I have implement my service layer of the module. I  finished the manager view implementation of my module. My mentor Jeremy Keiper and backup mentor Ada Yeung had a wonderful discussion about the views of the module.I had a great feedback during our discussion.Now I continue to do modification required in the module according to the received feedback. Figure 1 shows the manager view UI of my module which enables managers to assign records to users to follow up and fix the data integrity violations in the openmrs database. Apart from assigning users, manager can remove assignees, track progress of a record through record summary view and summary of the whole check. Busy weeks coming ahead. 

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